Has anyone with Gastroparesis ever been in remission ? or cured ?



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  • Bruin


    As far as I know there is no cure! I’ve never been in remission either

  • FennecFree


    I have been in remission for a year

  • MrsBrown


    I need help if it is a cure because I hate this

  • Stelladru


    Not sure it's called remission, I have ad gastroparesis for years. You can manage the symptoms with the specialized diet, exercise, the right guy motility drug, for me that's Motegrity , probiotics, senna lax, and a laxative called Lactulose. Keeping your blood sugar numbers, for those with diabetic gastroparesis helps as well. And keep hydrating a priority. But remission, not a thing for me, it's more of keeping symptoms on check.

  • Careabear


    I haven’t thrown up since 2-11. I don’t call that remission. But it is something good lol

  • Tammy426


    I went into remission for years and now it is back worse than before. Ive lost 70 lbs cant eat solids, drinking Boost for nutrients, but I have NO energy so I am stuck in bed not living…..just existing. It is So very difficult. I hope your journey is better than mine, although the diagnosis alone can make life harder. I wish you good doctors, good care, and understanding from your loved ones.

  • BumbleBees


    For me I can’t call it remission but I was out of a flare up for a few months and hardly noticed my condition, until it came back just as bad as it did before

  • weird.wizard


    I went into remission a few times but only when I was a kid then it came back worse than it ever did at 18 and I'm still not recovered. I'm 22 now

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