How does vasodpsdtic spasms feel like ? I get intense throbbing pain in my finger when I’m in cold environment or under stress . It’s so painful only relief I get is running warm hot water on finger hands can’t touch my finger and nail bed when it’s flaring up .

Raynaud's Syndrome

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  • cartoonbean


    I typically feel more of a numbness at first when my hands or feet get cold. The pain sets in when they only warm up slightly. My best advice is hot hands or reusable hand warmers. They have saved me many times during winter. I also used to wear fingerless gloves at school so I had some warmth in my hands. It might be worth talking to your doctor about prazosin. It's a blood pressure medication that can be used to help with raynauds. I'm taking it for a different condition but it's actually ended up helping my Raynaud's greatly!

    • XoxoDanielle


      hmmm I’ll ask her about it . The AC in the house hurts my finger and flares the pain up a lot

      • cartoonbean


        the AC can be so awful for Raynaud's! Especially in the car because its in such close proximity

      • coldgypsy


        I can't even imagine being in a house with AC on for long.. I'm under the covers on a 78 degree day!

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