I will be always unable to take a deep breath?
I'm recently diagnosed and in treatment so I'm really new to this new world.
Thanks for your answers.


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  • kjsux


    It will get better as you learn how to treat it, and strengthen your lungs I've been diagnosed since I was 8, but it didn't become really bad until I was 16. When I found the right inhalers and meds it became almost completely controlled. I hope you can take deep breaths soon, I know how frustrating it is

  • BossLady


    I promise things will get better over time. The only time you might experience some difficulty is when you get ill

  • Shadow97


    ❤️Thank you for both of you for answering me finally my new controller inhaler is working and I feel now that I can take at least a little bit more air inside than before not yet the same as when I did not have asthma but the good thing is a progress. 💕And again Thank you for your comforting advice.

  • BossLady



  • Jules26


    It gets better!! I’ve been as asthmatic since I was very young and before COVID I was a marathon runner and an athlete! Don’t think that this will last forever, having your asthma under control is a tough road, but completely achievable!!

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