So... It got to the point that I was asking friends to marry me just so that I could change my name because of the dysphoria. I don't know how I feel about all of this, there are just a lot of emotions. Any tips on how to calm down?

Gender Dysphoria

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    Hi! First off, I’m sorry that your dysphoria is so challenging :( Know that your experience is valid! Do you wholly and genuinely want to be in a legally-binding relationship with these friends? Because if you do, then you do you and go for it! However, if you are only looking into marriage because of a name change, that’s not really a fair promise to the other person. You are legally allowed to change your name without a parent at age 18*. If you are under 18, see what you need in order to change your name when you reach 18: *research what the process is in your county to change your name, save up the money to do it, fill out all of the paperwork you need, etc. Know that you don’t need to marry someone just to calm your dysphoria. There are other ways out there!

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