I have been horribly nauseous from the flare up of pain recently. Does anyone have a trick to help with the nausea and dizziness?


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  • Mars


    I love to combine peppermint or ginger tea with Gin Gins or another unsweetened ginger candy and wear my Sea Bands (google them, they are like sweat bands have a little bead that activates an “anti-nausea” pressure point and they work great despite how unrealistic that sounds). My family has always used sprite/seven up/ginger ale, but the corn syrup always made me nauseous on its own so that doesn’t work for everyone.

  • Mila


    I like to drink cold soda with lemon or cola and when I want something hot, ginger lemon tea.

  • Angie


    Water with lemon helps me with nausea, as well as eating slow meals slowly

  • Endoem


    Gogo squeez’s have been a godsend for me on the days where I can’t get food down.

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