today is a bad depression day, i feel sick to my stomach because i can’t seem to do anything and i haven’t responded to anyone in over 24 hours. im trying to get up and do something but it’s not making me feel much better. any tips or advice or just thoughts?


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  • heen


    if the weather is nice, put on your favorite music kpop maybe? :)and go for a walk! or if you’re interested in makeup, get all done up for no reason! dressing up always makes me feel like i’m ready to conquer the world even on the worst of days maybe even tell one of the people (that you trust of course) that you’ve been having a heard time responding to what’s going on and start an open conversation with them! our friends are always more willing to offer support than we realize ❤️

  • Sweettooth


    It’s okay to have days like that, sometimes your body and mind just need to not do anything. Try not to be so hard on yourself about it and think of it as a little rest period. I like to go sit outside when i feel like that maybe listen to music too. Also make sure you’re getting enough hydration and food! I hope you feel a bit better soon!

  • Kiwi_11


    If I have days like that things that help me is I force myself up and do something. Take a shower, pet my dogs, grab a snack, or just sit outside for a few minutes. And if you can’t that’s okay!! Some days we all deserve a break to lay down and do nothing. You are loved 💖

  • lazydaisy


    Honestly caffeine helps me. If i drink some caffeine it helps motivate me and i have more physical energy to get things done

    • Maddawg32


      I feel the same way caffeine has helped me as well 😊

  • Bmanlittle


    Music has always helped me and getting out of the house.

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