I went through an intense mania with delusions over the holidays and into this year. Most of my social circle distanced themselves from me. I'm building new social connections, but it's slow going and I've felt so isolated.

Bipolar disorder with psychotic features

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  • FlexinTexan


    I have bipolar as well and I feel this soooo hard. They always say they're completely supportive of healing and mental health until it gets bad, when you really need them. I've been struggling to find new friends too, it's so much harder as an adult. You're not alone friend ❤️ it's hard out here. Sending good vibes!

  • Kate1985


    Me too. Basically fuck. It’s a lost cause sometimes. I’m not easy to be around but that doesn’t make me a criminal type. I’m painfully honest and empowering for people to know. I’m finally coming back “in” to myself. I’ve felt unbearably absent in my own life. I bring horrible things out of people like my mother. That’s a good quality in my opinion. I’d prefer to know the ugliness of your character before engaging. Libras require an image to uphold.

  • Calypso_


    I completely understand I lost a lot of friendships due to my disorder and symptoms. At one point I thought my friends were plotting to kill me. I’m getting help and treatment now and I feel a lot better but it’s the real ones that stick by your side no matter how bad it gets. You will find people who value you and love you and who do want to actually help and support you

  • LonelyInKC


    I can relate. I recently went in a bike ride and saw some folks I’ve known from before I was diagnosed and they literally walked past me while looking away. It was only me and them on the street. It felt so awkward and demeaning like I don’t exist anymore??!? But that’s how some people choose to react and that’s on them. I know who my true friends are and that’s who I’ll focus on building with. I will admit I feel extremely lonely and spend most of my time by myself. I have recently just started to ride my bike and explore the city after being away for 4 years and I anticipated it would be awkward but I won’t let my past keep me from living. I also plan on attending some 12 step groups with the hope of finding some community there. Best of luck to you and all of us in the same boat 💜

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