I’ve been in therapy for about 7 years now. It used to work so well for me and helped with coping/realizations. It was great to talk things out past and present. But over the last year or so, I feel like I’ve plateaued with it helping 😔 I don’t feel the same coming out of therapy sessions. I feel like I need to go because I’ve sadly gotten worse with anxiety/depression/med issues, and because of my current situation.. but I barely make appointments or get much out of it. Has anyone else had this? What’s the best way to deal with it?

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  • Momotea


    If had that happen. I fixed it by changing therapist. Sometimes you got all you could’ve from that specific therapist and a new one will have different ideas.

    • Cece7


      I changed therapists when this was happening to me a couple times and I definitely have no regrets. It fixed the issue for me when I found the right one to see

  • anemone


    you might also try different therapy methods - if youre doing talk therapy only, try cbt, emdr, or others. let your therapist know it's not working as well anymore and see what they suggest.

  • Suze


    If something isn't working then you need a change of therapist or maybe another way to relieve anxiety. Research alternative programs and don't discount the importance of good nutrition.

  • Gracie1217


    Hi there! Totally can relate. I had the same counselor (talk therapy, occasional EMDR) for eight years, and the last year or so of that felt stagnate and repetitive. I did some research for a therapist with a different approach and have been with my DBT (dialectal behavioral therapist, who also incorporates Internal Family Systems, attachment theory, and EMDR, among other things) for five years. The switch was exactly what I needed.

  • Peachycat


    Agree with above - try switching therapists. For me personally I had to find a therapist that fit more with my specific diagnoses/issues than a general anxiety disorder therapist. For example I switched from anxiety talk therapy to OCD therapy (because thankfully my old therapist recognized I could have it) and it’s so much more helpful because it’s addressing a major root of my anxiety: OCD This may not be the case for you. Hope it was somewhat helpful though. Best of luck 💕 💕

  • Yennifer


    Totally agree with above. BUT starting over with a therapist can also cause some unwanted anxiety. So maybe try different methods. I hit one recently and I started up guided meditation and hypnosis therapy. It surely has helped me get out of my hole.

  • MysticMisty


    What helped me with mine was watching a lot of Jordan Peterson. He really dives into the mind and why we do the things we do and what can result from those. You can find plenty of lectures on youtube for free. The newer videos are more political based, so if you can't handle those, or are not interested, check out the older videos. I'd also look into getting a steady routine and developing good habits. It helps a lot.

    • Gracie1217


      I love his stuff!

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