hey, I'm new and don't reaaaaally know how this app works yet. but my eating disorder is rearing its ugly head again. any ideas on how to preemptively stop it from making my thoughts into actions?
also depression has been kicking my but lately since I started to quarantine myself after getting COVID positive last week (monday). They told me 5 days should be good but I'm not sure, it feels like it should be longer. but im going absolutely insane sitting in my house for hours on end with one person to talk to (love my partner, but I need PEOPLE, not just person, ya know?) any tips on dealing with these things? thanks!

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  • Ladoo


    If you still have symptoms after 5 days I'd say quarantine for another 5 days. Not sure about any tips that would be helpful but maybe video calling? Maybe even hobbies that require a lot of time.

    • spicysugar


      the hobbies one is a good idea, I didn't think about that. I have a service dog who needs training, and I'm an artist. I should really get myself painting again now that I have paints again. Thanks!

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