What's your POTS shower routine? My showering has always been effected by my heat intolerance. I get super dehydrated when I'm in hot water. Mine is:

- Shower chair always
- Spend most of shower sitting
- Bring in a water bottle

I'm interested to know if other people find it necessary to do this kind of thing. I really do.

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

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  • History.and.cats


    I always have a drink when I'm showering. I tend to get worse throughout a shower so I end up resting for a hot minute after

  • SavvyDisnerd


    I have never considered bringing my water bottle with me to the shower but that’s honestly genius. I get really dehydrated showering but have never thought to rehydrate in the shower!

  • tallgirl22


    I do ice cold water, shower chair, and only take hot showers when I don’t have things to do afterwards so I can rest for a while afterwards. It’s definitely a necessity for me!

  • Cress


    I have colored hair so I usually wash I cool water. I also just got a shower chair which helps a lot, cause my heart rate would spike even more in the shower than it did walking outside in the Texas summer

  • megsh


    I sit down on the shower floor and do everything while sitting down. That way is something happens I'm closer to the floor and it takes less energy.

  • beepis


    If you shave I recommend using baby/talc for a dry shave. It keeps away razor burn and I've never passed out this way

    • Cress


      do you shave with it or put it on after?

  • Neetner


    I have slowly trained myself to take colder showers and it doesnt affect my pots that much. It took a long time but i start hot and slowly thru the shower i will make it a little cooler. Then next shower a little more. Now if i take a hot shower it feels super uncomfortable and i love taking cool showers! Especially in the summer it feels great and it wakes me up first thing in the morning too! Plus it doesnt make me feel faint in the shower either, Win win :)

  • honeyscape


    I also like bringing in music as a distraction, I turn off the hot water while I'm shaving and let my conditioner sit.

  • QueenSmurf


    I use a shower chair now, but before I knew I had pots, I would turn the water from warm to super cold whenever I got dizzy to try and shock my body into submission. The reason we have problems with hot showers is because our body starts to overheat and pushes blood to the surface to try and cool it which decreases bp and raises hr. However when your cold your body will naturally try and keep your blood in your core to keep it warm which that will increase your BP.

  • Nutmegg


    I have to use a shower chair too .

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