hey I'm new to the group but I've had to live with the spray my whole life

Diabetes Insipidus (DI)


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  • Peanut1T


    When I was a child, I was on the spray, but it kept giving me staph infections. I have been taking Desmopressin Acetate (DDAVP) 0.2mg and although it took time for my body to adjust, it works well. I have to take 4 a day, and now that I'm in my 40's, my body, unfortunately, does NOT know how to live without it. I can never stop taking it. Hope this helps you.

    • rezz_berry


      I take ddavp too, if i do not take it then my mouth feels dry, i pee alot, but my body doesn’t tell me i am thirsty so i gotta force to drink alot of water… but then i end up peeing straight water and it defeats the purpose

      • Peanut1T


        I understand completely and have the same problem. My body doesn't know how to live without this medication. I am always thirsty and would also pee straight water without it. I also got the nickname, "water snob" at a young age, because I like water so much, but can taste the rust or iron, and sometimes (depending on where you are) iron and dirt. I have never been a fan of tap water, because in most cities I've lived, I could taste the chlorine too. 🚽🚰

  • tona


    Thank you

    • Peanut1T


      absolutely. Anytime.

  • shanzz91


    I must say I have the exact problem. I feel like I crave water all day! I was literally walking around with a gallon of purified water drinking it as if we're a water bottle... Any advice on how to control the thirst?

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