How do I stop bad habits? I've had these habits for a long time but have gotten worse due to stress and such. I scratch my scalp and bit the inside of me cheeks and lips. Once I start, I can't stop (especially when I scratch my scalp). How can I put of stop to this?

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  • Actow


    Finding other healthier alternatives to do instead of these behaviors you’ve mentioned above. Quitting cold turkey is never the answer. Maybe start patting your scalp instead? Sounds silly but the more you do it, the more mindful you’ll become of the behavior you are attempting to correct and eventually erase from your routine. Regardless, another behavior (a healthier one) must be introduced when eliminating one.

  • mnmerritt02


    I have a habit of pinching my skin when I'm nervous (does anyone else have this problem too?) but it gets better as time goes on. I still have some habits that are harder to stop, but since I've been taking anxiety meds, I've noticed that it's helped a little bit.

  • bambipony



  • mothful


    i never admit this to anyone (except my partner) but i’m anonymous so 🤷‍♂️ ever since i was little i picked my nose etc :/ i am now almost 21 and when i catch myself doing it i feel ashamed. part of me wants to stop but i don’t think it’s necessarily hurting me? i think it’s more about the fixation of cleanliness. i also pick skin/head :(

    • bambipony


      I do the same thing, in private of course. I'm very anal about my orifices being clean, ears, eyes, nose, etc

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