I've been in extreme physical pain for the past few days and nothing seems to work. I've been given an epidermal steroid injection but it didn't help. for the past few nights I've been taking large amounts of pain medication (tylenol and ibuprofen) and it doesn't help. tonight I took 2000 mg of tylenol and none of my pain has gone away and I've had a panic attack, worried I accidentally overdosed . I've talked to my therapist and she said to use my suspected autism to hyperfocus on something but it's so exhausting. i can hardly eat and i can't even find energy to shower. it's taking a huge effect on me mentally and some advice would be really nice


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    When my pain gets too bad to ignore, i will usually try to identify any sources of additional pain (do i also have a headache? are my shoulders/hips also tight?) and take steps to relieve any pain with a treatable source. This helps me feel more in control of the pain and reduces my anxiety a lot. I will also try to set up a "rest space" where any food, water, meds, entertainment, ect. is easily within reach, and any support items (physical like pillows/braces and emotional like my baby blanket) are available. Usually taking control of my space and body as much as possible is very comforting and reduces a lot of my anxiety. If you have someone to visit or voice chat with, I would definitely take advantage of that as well

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