hey everyone, just joined. Has anyone with moderate-severe ME/CFS found anything that helps their symptoms?

Myalgic encephalomyelitis/ Chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)

Feeling of choking

Disorder of Autonomic Nervous System

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  • SpickleManIckle


    With my memory problem symptoms it helps to keep calendars and reminders all over the house of things I need to do. I’ve found taking baths with epsom salt and menthol gel or patches helps with my pain. I also take otc painkillers throughout the day as directed by my pain management doctor. I’ve been on prescription sleep meds for years now and have to switch them up regularly. I also struggle with sleep apnea so that worsens my symptoms. For me personally resting as much as possible and allowing myself to nap has been great. I haven’t found too much long term relief but it helps me get through each day

  • Kashmir01


    medication wise: adderall. i’ve heard vyvanse also works, it just wasn’t for me! lifestyle wise: i try to plan out my week as much as i can, saving as many spoons as possible! if you are unaware of the spoon theory i suggest looking it up, really helpful to understand energy even more. i’m in school, so i take at least one class online per semester to limit the amount of time i need to be present and in person. make sure to have at least one thing a day that you enjoy, no matter how small. i like unwinding with animal crossing, or doing my nails once a week. i also try to have something “bigger” every month like a disney day or concert, but i carefully plan that out to minimize spoon loss! you will probably hate me saying this lol, but a lot of stuff is trial and error. all of my suggestions may not work for you, or maybe some will. you know your body, listen to it as much as you can. if something feels off, say something to your doctor; advocate even if they are an a-hole. i’m also new but welcome!

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