Has anyone had a failed spinal fusion surgery?

Generalized pain

Fusion of spine, cervical region

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  • Vidya


    Yes!!!!!! I had a cervical fusion in 2006. This was supposed to cure my chronic pain. I continue to suffer with upper back neck sometimes head and arm pain. ✋ ✋ ✋ ✋

  • ServinALL


    I have had 8 back surgeries in past 6 years,,,it's been a tough path,but my FAITH has helped me through it all... I am considering a SCS, or Pain Pump,,the oral meds are not helping anymore and the fact after seeing 9 different highly recommended specialists, they all said same thing, none can do anything for me to take pain away, 5 said they would not touch me at all.. So I recommended to all,do research on alternative methods for pain relief, and leave surgeries as last resort... I am here if anyone needs or wants to chat. Be BLESSED

  • Captain_Honey


    I don't know what counts as failed But I had a surgery in 2020 (before the pandemic) and the doctors fused half my spine. I found out earlier this year that they didn't do enough. My spine is still moving. I can't feel my hips half the time and I have numbness and sharp pain periodically in my hips too. The pain gets so bad that sometimes it's hard to breathe. It's also super hard to exercise. But im glad I got the surgery because I had time to recover then. Even with my current symptoms I will be able to manage without another surgery for life or for at least 10 years.

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