how do you deal with "adhd paralysis"? vyvanse helps some. but my dishes haven't been done in weeks... every dish i own is dirty and either piled in the sink or strewn around the kitchen. my counters probably haven't been wiped in two months because i can't even see them. it's so overwhelming to look at and to think about starting. i just can't make myself do it, no matter how much i may want to, no matter how much better i know i'll feel after. i try to do five minutes here and there when i can, but i'm still making messes too, so it doesn't ever add up to much. i know once i get it clean, it will be easier to keep up with, but i can't! i don't know what to do. i'm afraid of getting bugs, and honestly it's so bad i'm afraid of getting evicted when my landlord does their monthly inspection. what do you guys do to get past that mental block that won't let you do anything?

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  • Magpi


    Ok make a deal with yourself. You don't have to do it if it's too much. Just start with one thing. For me I organize the dishes by type. Make a pile of the plates, put the silverware in a cup together, set the mugs aside by themselves on the floor. then when that's done if I feel like I can keep going I do. But I don't have to. If I can keep going then I put the plates in the sink with warm water and soap and I go light a candle or spray and air freshener or something to make things feel better and give the soap and water a few minutes to help the older food soften up. And I wash plates, I know I can stop any time I need to. No need to keep going I already did the only thing I needed to do right now. But usually I can keep going. Listen to music or podcasts or call a friend to co work with.

  • mikl_pls


    I suffer from this too so so so badly. I thought it was avolition from severe depression...

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