What alternatives to medication have you found helpful?


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  • Lee_45


    Daily walks and fruits. Stay away from processed foods and eat less at restaurants. Learn to cook good food helps also.

  • JennyHeart


    What are you trying to cure?

  • Hana


    Find a functional doc to get to the root cause. They typically use food as medicine and sometimes supplementation instead of masking symptoms with medication. You can find a doctor at

  • Julz4me


    Food is usually the problem ..there’s plenty of videos on YouTube .. hope the best for you! Eliminating foods that cause inflammation sugar and grains are the biggest culprits.. hope the best for you

  • Teotl


    If it's for anxiety insomnia and depression transcranial magnetic stimulation can work so good you might get taken off meds. Other than that, hydrating, sleeping right, exercise, and the food you're eating

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