The internet has been wholly unhelpful so I figured I would ask here.
I am *very* white so it has been hard to track, but I've been growing spots on my skin that are white. Like no pigment of any kind. If I tan, they stay white. I get a workout in am flushed, they're still totally white.
They arent freckly or spotty like what it shows for Tinea Versicolor or with IGH. But blobby blotches more like Ventiligo.
But I didn't test for it....anyone else with autoimmunes have/seen/heard of something like this that is nonVentiligo? Or know if it is possible to get a false negative for genetic tests like that?

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

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  • jestedjoker


    Get the same on my neck is where I see it don't know what it is either but I have had skin cancer removed before

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