I have PCOS and when I get periods because of my PCOS they get very very bad and sometimes I have to go to the hospital and so I asked my fiance to ask his grandmother to let us use her car to go to the hospital and he told her it was because I was swollen because of my period, but I told him that was embarrassing and he got mad at me for being upset about it and he said that it wasn't embarrassing so I asked his daughter if she would be embarrassed in the situation and she said yes she would be, and he said "that's because girls are wusses" and then in more dramatic terms called me pathetic, I feel bad now however because after he came back inside from him storming out I called him an A-hole, but I'm also wondering if I was entirely wrong for it as well.

Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)

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  • athy


    😥 there's no way you're wrong for that

    • thatweirdspice


      I wouldn't know, I feel like that would be embarrassing for a guy to explain if the situation was flipped ya know so I'm not sure

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