Any long term side effects to taking hydrocortisone daily? I'm currently on 12.5 a day.

Disorders of skin pigmentation

Glucocorticoid deficiency


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  • chronictonic


    So far I haven’t noticed any. I just have some hyperpigmentation

  • HorseFeathers


    I THINK that if you're on a correct replacement dose there shouldn't be. Only if you're taking more than that. But I'm not 100% positive.

  • iceumup


    Yeah I have hyperpigmentation too. Bought a big UVB lamp that's supposed to help but I don't use it enough to know if it works

  • iceumup


    I have trouble getting my dose correct sometimes, because I am very active, but no side effects. Feel like crap if to little and same if I take to much. If you take to much (a lot)you will see your face getting wider and possibly swelling in your upper back (like a hunchback but not as pronounced) taking to much is an easy fix...... taking to little causes a dirt nap. You do the math

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