This is great! I love it here, so far!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! It's Hump Day 🐪 enjoy it!! Embrace and enjoy each moment, we only live one time.
I've been wanting to post my thoughts [somewhere I felt comfortable] for a long time now but I haven't felt comfortable doing that anywhere until NOW!! I would love to hear everyone's opinion on this topic. This post isn't meant to start trouble or arguing of any sort. It is only my thoughts and feelings and I'm not a "know it all" nor am I a professional and I'm not trying to sound that way, at all. So here it is...
When it comes to
*drug use/abuse, addiction
*mental health disorders
*gun violence, mass shootings etc.
I'm not backing down when I say, The drugs and guns are what kills people! People kill people! It's no secret that [most] individuals involved in drugs and shootings have mental health disorders. If we don't get affordable Healthcare for all this craziness won't stop! I truly believe that. I'll be honest, I have been on drugs most of my life from 14 y.o.-now. I have used different drugs (NO needles, heroin, fentanyl etc.) my main addiction was painkillers, after I was in a bad car accident and broke my back, and meth 2016-2021 mixed with alcohol (2018-2021). I have been clean for ONE YEAR this month!!!!!! yay!! #wedorecover
Back to it, my point is I NEVER robbed, raped, stole, ripped ppl off, etc. NEVER! so when ppl say, oh I bet they're on those drugs, maybe they are but that's not the issue. We need more facilities to provide help and guidance to our loved ones that are suffering [including ourselves]. I have recently had 2 episodes where I have blacked out because I was so upset and idk what I said or did. Of course, ppl fill me in the next day but I'll tell ya idk what came over me. I snapped. I said some really mean things to my boss and I quit my job. What was I thinkin?? I'm not sure. I wasn't intoxicated, I had taken my meds that I'm prescribed and I only had one shot of tequilla. Not near enuf for me to blackout from drinking. Doing more for the younger students to help from a young age on up. We can make a change but getting to the root is crucial to make any progress. I have experienced suicide three times thus far in my life, it's a hard thing to ever move on from. With so many unanswered questions, no closure. My life experiences have played a part in who I am today. Experiencing abuse [all forms], trauma, death, divorce and so much more has been challenging but I continue to keep pushing forward and I'm working hard on changing my negative thoughts. I sincerely wish you all the very best. I pray everyone gets well soon. love you all❤️ Have a great day!

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