Anyone else feel like a broken record after diagnosis? I keep saying "Well, my ADHD causes..." and I feel like I'm just making excuses when really I'm trying to explain and recontextualize. Like, I didn't mean to forget, I just have a super hard time remembering. I dunno.

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • AndThereSheGoes


    It's also about deciding who gets to have the honor of knowing you like that. It's personal to reveal yourself and diagnoses. Choose who deserves to know you that well. You don't owe anyone anything.

  • AlexHei


    100%! but i just realized recently that i feel that way bc almost everybody gives up on me eventually. but rn i have a partner who ALWAYS meets me where i’m at and keeps coming up with new things for me to try to deal with my adhd. it’s made me realize that i’m not making excuses, it’s just that strategies that work for most other people usually don’t for me. so people eventually just run out of advice for me and it comes back to “i just need to figure it out myself”. but now that i have someone who doesn’t hit that wall, it’s really made me realize that they’re not excuses! i just need unconventional ideas and a lot of support :) and that’s ok!!

  • Magpi


    I think it's important, because I spent my entire life being like "I don't know, it's not like I don't care about my teeth it's that I just litterally have never been able to for a habit I can do something every day for 6 months and then I miss a day and I will just never do it again." And had everyone from doctors to teachers just look at me like I was crazy and I was desperate for someone anyone to go "Oh that's because of X" I have my X now and it's important that they know it too so when some other kid comes to them despite and confused they can go. "Oh that's because of X"

  • Alipher


    Same here, not to long ago I got yelled at by one of my relatives because of it, but they don't think anything's wrong with me.

  • sabbz


    Yes! I do feel like I have to keep explaining things to people like this is why I need to do things like this. This is why I do that. I just had to advocate for myself at work and explain why I do things differently. Some comments were made that hurt my feelings, but I stood up for myself and I'm hoping they understand me better now. It can be frustrating and makes me feel like I don't fit in, but I do find sometimes the more I advocate for myself and set healthy boundaries the more people start to understand. Not everyone will get it and that's hard, but I keep trying.

    • Baker1


      I can so identify with what you've been going through. I'm a baker, and I have to do things a certain way at work that co-workers don't always understand - in addition to forgetting things occasionally. I have to things that take more focus in the AM while my Adderall is still working.

  • Lolabear


    🙏 Thanks for your input, all! Makes me feel worlds better. 🤗

  • MoonSpeck


    I've been diagnosed for over a decade and I still use it as a qualifier when I'm talking about my struggles in therapy. I wonder what my therapist has to say about it 😂

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