Have you ever gotten angry at yourself for being behind in life due to illnesses even though you know it's not your fault for setbacks and being ill.

Chronic Pain

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  • Bunny.girl


    Yes. I was just thinking today that it feels like I'm regressing. Activities I used to be able to enjoy as a kid seem to take a lot more effort now. I have to constantly remember to not be so hard on myself and that it's okay to rest. Everyone grows at their own pace 💓💓

  • TayTayLove


    Yes. Especially when I'm feeling unstable and have nowhere safe to live

  • LunarQ


    Yes currently going through it. My husband works and I feel like I'm just useless because of my illnesses. I have to keep reminding myself that I am not a burden to my husband.

  • Zetsumei2012


    😥 yeah. I feel like I can't do much of the things I enjoyed like walking and such with my chronic pain. I was way less motivated and didn't want to do anything besides watch TV and sleep. My bf did not like that.

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