it's hard to stop drinking I want to go into rehab but don't want to leave my dog

Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

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  • Flood_Damage


    Your dog wants you sober. I promise you that dog loves you the way you are and surely you could find someone to watch him or her?

  • jjharkan


    You're right. It's hard to stop. This is actually my problem. I always think i can pick up a bottle and THIS TIME I'm just nurse a little of it into various drinks, that way I'm not overdoing it and I'll believe I'm able to be more sociable. But no matter my intent, that's not what has ever happened

  • RobF


    Alcohol is a clever creature it will convince u to convince yourself that it's perfectly fine to get drunk even though you swore it off 1000 times with all serious conviction. It will take everything you love and crush it in front of you and the only way to be fine with it is to drink more. Booze is my worst enemy

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