well first I was diagnosed with bipolar, I didn't feel that way right. Then I was diagnosed borderline, that seemed to feel right, especially the abandonment issues. Now, I've been told I have both. Help.


Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Alcoholic Psychoses



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  • LactoseLemonLicker


    I actually am going through the same thing. I was diagnosed with bipolar years and years ago but after thinking about it for a while now its become extremely apparent that i actually have bpd. Right now im just trying to keep myself in check until i can get a doctor who actually takes me seriously (the last one didnt even "feel comfortable" prescribing me with the bipolar medicine id been taking for nearly a decade). Just hang in there.

  • SamsonCurioso


    Thanks. I hate psych meds. But my new doctors have put on a cocktail. Atarax, gabapentin, Zoloft, and lamotrigine. Oh and vivitrol for alcohol cravings. I don't like psych meds so I was self medicating. Also one reason I liked the BPD diagnosis was that it's mainly handled with therapy.

  • Anna73


    Well good luck I have borderline personality disorder anxiety depression andPTSD been going counseling and meds for awhile also over 25 plus years domestic violence

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