I have IED disorder and I keep losing control , I start hyperventilating, throwing stuff and pulling my hair and more. I don't know what to do, when I tell my partner to leave me alone because j need space during an episode he doesn't listen and when I tell him to stop before I explode he doesn't stop and he says talking about the problem will help and I know he's trying to help but he doesn't . I already explained it to him and he just doesn't get it .

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  • TGDLover


    I have IED too. I don't have a parter, but I do have my parents and they always yell at me when I'm having an episode when I just want to be alone. I just wish they would listen to me. I ended up having a panic attack once because my mom was yelling at me and I was yelling and crying and eventually could barely breath. That was my only panic attack, but I hyperventilate a lot, so I get that. I break things and I know my parents hate that. But most of the time when I do that it's because they are making me more angry. My point here being I get how frustrating it is when you want to be alone and the people in your house don't listen.

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