I can't sleep sometimes bc I have this weird thing where I close my eyes and try to sleep but I sometimes start imaging abstract claustrophobic shapes and images that makes me feel really uncomfortable and I eventually have to open my eyes for it to stop. The worse case I had when I was young and my imagination was messing with my sensory and I had to sleep with my sisters while touching something cold. Now days I just hit my head, turn a fan on, music, or wait for actual sleepiness. I have never been able to fully grasp what was going on, dose anyone else experience this?


Paranoia and delusional disorder


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  • darklyfeathered


    I have this too pretty strongly, haven’t found many people who can relate (hypnagogic “hallucinations” but while awake). It was really bad earlier this year, seems to come with stress, dissociation, and visual snow. Usually just complex shapes, fractals, landscapes, faces—but maybe darker stuff 10% of the time. Lying on my bed alone definitely made it worse, plus taking 200mg lamotrigine in one dose made me loopy. I have synesthesia so not sure how it’s related, but sometimes I NEEDED music to feel ok. What I’d say is use any willpower you can find and do *something* other than like, just lie there and float away without sleeping. Grounding exercises and fidget toys helped me a tiny bit until I could relax Its much weaker now for me for some reason (only sometimes, or “afterimages” from what I’ve been doing) but it truly was incredible yet exhausting, sorta scary too.

    • chiken


      thankyou sooo much. It makes my feel so much better knowing that I'm not alone💕💕

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