Question for anyone who is experienced with fasting: Would fasting benefit my IBS, or would it hurt me?
One of my IBS symptoms is getting bloated and gassy at night, so I’ve always tried to stop eating around 5:00 PM or so to make sure I go to bed hungry. That way there’s nothing in my system to make me bloated.
I’ve recently realized that even if I stop at 5:00 PM or 5:30 PM, I still sometimes experience discomfort. Would it be hurtful for me to start fasting from 4:00 PM to 7:30 AM, so for a total of 15.5 hours? I read online that most people who fast do it from 14-18 hours, so I wonder if 15 will be good for me?
I want to be able to get sleep and not lay there feeling super uncomfortable. I’m able to tolerate hunger pains, but I can’t tolerate bloating pain; it makes me cry like a baby I swear.


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  • Ila


    I think fasting cures most things. Doctors don’t like to recommend it because there is no money in it for them, same as good nutrition!

  • Suzi29


    Yes it helps most things and has many benefits. Try looking on YouTube as there’s lots of videos and resources on there too. Don’t think doctors like us to do intermittent fasting as we heal ourselves.

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