Change is something that has always caused me a lot of anxiety and I will sometimes be overwhelmed by little things like drawers being rearranged just because they are different. More recently though I’ve had a couple of big changes in my life (moving across the country and starting college away from family). I catch myself missing the way things were before these changes a lot but this tends to make me really sad. I’m just curious if anyone has coping mechanisms that helped them navigate times of change.

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  • TrixR4kids


    I’m sorry I don’t have any helpful tips but I’m feeling the exact same way. Change is so so hard for me and I end up just feeling sad as well. You’re not alone

  • LilyLou


    Change is definitely an issue. I have severe comfort zone problems which keeps me close to home. And I hate it so much

  • kellbell


    I also don't have very many tips, but talking with a therapist and almost grieving how things were before can help you move toward your new experience without as much anxiety or sadness. I'm also right there with you, I actually decided to stay home in a toxic environment just because my feelings that you've explained were so strong. I hope you can get some relief!

  • PSUfan2010


    I just went through this. I got married and my husband moved in (we didn’t live together before). My therapist had me write down as many positives as I could think of that came of the change and also write all the things that remained constant still to help me realize everything hadn’t changed

  • BeeBear33


    I will definitely try writing down positives of change! I’ve also recently started journaling more which has helped me sort out my thoughts a little better. I appreciate everyone’s responses! We are in this together.

  • Macieann


    Sounds simple, but writing down a few things you’re thankful for every day can do you alot of good. I also have anxiety over change - it’s a very tough thing to experience ♥️

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