(I felt like this will get ignored if I put it in general) I feel like a fraud for getting an “accommodation”

I joined my HS color guard this year and for the majority of the Summer I have been practicing with a 6 ft. flag. My arms do not straighten due to my genetic condition and it was very difficult to move in some ways that the others on my team could.

It was so bad that during my first band camp I broke down in front of my coach and told him that it was hard for me to do some dances and flag work and that I felt like less than everyone because of my arms (and body but my arms are the focus).

Today is the first day of a 2 week band camp and my coach offered to give me a 5 ft flag instead so I accepted it. It’s a lot easier and despite not getting some tosses still, I’m super happy. I just can’t stop telling myself that I’m cheating or “not a real CG member” or that, again, I was less then them cause they can use a 6ft flag and I can’t.

It’s so stupid. I finally get something that works and I feel shitty for having it.

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    I also get imposter syndrome. It is hard to overcome that sometimes, but I can promise you that you aren't less than for needing an accommodation.

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