What different treatments have you tried and had success with?

Temporomandibular joint disorders


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  • Snwuggl


    The only things I was told by my dentist were to avoid chewing gum, eating apples, and large sandwiches. So far, I have only had a couple of minor issues but nothing major like the jaw locking and severe pain I used to experience.

  • Rosie_Posey


    My chiropractors office adjusts my jaw for me when I feel it starting to get bad! Scary as hell but it helps and that’s what matters

  • spooky91


    My jaw never locks but my muscles always ache. I do get adjusted every other week but it doesn’t help

  • Marie123


    My jaw gets bad when I am stressed and nothing the doctors gave me for the pain would help. I tried CBD oil and it worked so well my pain went completely away when I used it.

  • Feather


    Massage and acupuncture but I can’t afford either. Self massage with one of those gua sha stones helps.

  • spooky91


    I do the gua sha too! I’ve had luck with Delta 8 which is legal in NC where I live but I can’t take it during the day which is where all my clenching happens

  • Mkaye


    When my TMJ was so bad a few years ago and could not find relief my dentist suggested Botox injections in my jaw joints. It was a game changer!

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