When will I feel better? I have been on 25 mcg Synthroid since 2018. My Hashimoto’s was probably going on long before that; it took 3 doctors to finally check my T4.
I recently had a physical and my levels have dropped again. I was chalking the symptoms up to new job stress. I started 50mcg four days ago, and the joint pain is vanishing but the fatigue and brain fog remain the same. Any thoughts on when I’ll see a real difference, or do I need a higher dose?


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  • Dia


    I would give it a few weeks. But since you have Hashimotos are you doing anything with your diet? Hashimotos is an autoimmune disease and all autoimmune diseases have "leaky gut" in common. At the very least you need to be gluten free. It will help heal the damage to your gut.

    • PowerPuffGrrrl


      Yep, I’m GF, Dairy Free, no red meats. I try to follow autoimmune protocol too but I’m a sucker for sugar. Recently I’ve made much more of an effort to get off of it since i’ve been feeling poorly.

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