Hi all! I am sure I have ADHD, as I have ASD , and tend to fidget and be unable to concentrate without an earbud in or music in. What do y’all suggest to help me become better and manage it?

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • ValidationSystem


    Somedays, I straight up can't get a thing done unless I'm listening to RuPaul as loud as my phone goes.

  • unifairmaid


    I hide a fidget cube in my pocket so I can play with it without distracting anyone

  • arete


    examine what you mean by "become better" a lot of us feel ashamed because we don't fit in to a perception of "normal" and masking is painful. when it comes to the earbud or fidgeting you aren't doing anything wrong! everyone does things to help them cope we just have different needs and skills. as long as you are considerate of others then shame has no value that caring doesn't already serve.

  • arete


    also check out How to ADHD her vids helped me realize how many things i did were because adhd and has a lot of salient advice

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