Will my condition ever really get better?


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  • mommawheels


    Yes with time. Give yourself love and patience. Remember to love yourself 1st and foremost. Don't take everything people say personally. Yes I know it's hard I'm still working on that. But you are worth it.

  • exaustedeveryday



  • Fallingstar


    Yes, it will. What mommawheels said is great advice. And just keep in mind that you’re stronger than you think you are, you’ve lived through everything life has thrown at you, you can make it through this as well. Keeping a positive mindset is also very crucial. That takes EFFORT, but always keep trying - don’t give up!

  • Jack2021


    Hey, yes. Your condition will get better, but you need to believe in yourself. What you’re experiencing is just an episode, and it will go away, you gotta be patient and strong. 🙌🏻🙏

  • Queen_Potet


    Believing in yourself, while important for you mental health. Isn’t the only thing, there is a lot of work and effort that goes into getting out of flares if you are anything like me, that can be a real struggle. And being able to put that effort in is a constant struggle for a lot of us. So realistically, I think coming to terms that your condition will have ups and downs and will take a lot of fighting to stay at a point you want to be will be much more beneficial in the end than feeling bad if you feel guilt for feeling negative for an extremely hard situation. Acceptance is key, and even just working on accepting little things can help a lot.

  • Sunflower1


    It is so hard to believe it’s ever gonna end..the feeling of sadness and lack of energy and joy prevent us from feeling hope. You have to remind yourself it’s just a phase that will eventually end and you will get up on your feet. As Queen_Potet said, it is a lot of work to stay strong and fight to get out of this situation. The first step is excepting and not fighting your feelings. Then find supportive surroundings that will help you on this journey. With the help of professionals you will find your way to get better. It takes time just do not give up on yourself!

  • Mars


    It will. It’s always going to be different for everyone, so it’s important to be patient with yourself, and don’t be disappointed when things get better and you still have hard days. It’s all part of this life, and without it we’d never know how beautiful living can be.

  • Nightowl


    Personally, I have chronic depression and will always need to be on medication. Some people are able to get off meds after a few years. I spent almost a decade going on and of medication before I realized, I would always need to take something. So my advice is that you will feel better and might decide that since your better, you don't need help anymore, just be cautious. ❤️

  • Mila


    You have to believe it will get better for it to actually happen! Believe in yourself, we are here all together in our journey in improving our health and life. There will be some difficult times but eventually everything is temporary. Hold on🙏

  • ticcer3000


    it takes time, and even when you're "better" it comes back at times. I like to think that it's less about just getting better and more about learning to get better. it takes a lot of work, but it's most certainly worth it to have your life back

  • SimplyImperfect


    With the help of therapy and medication, you can take back control of it and manage it, keep in track of your moods, try avoiding what you know may trigger you. I avoid all of my triggers just until I'm able to pull myself back together and deal with it. It does get better and it just takes us a lot longer.

  • lily234


    I sometimes doubt this but I hope so, for both of our sakes. Hope things are going well for you ❤️

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