I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety and depression for years. Lately I’ve started to think I might have ADHD, which can be disguised as those two things in women. I’m having trouble finding someone to do testing for ADHD. I don’t understand why it’s so hard :(


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  • FelixTE


    I have adhd and I've struggled with it the entire time I was in school. What symptoms are you showing?

  • Zelda_22


    It’s a lengthy process but any psychiatrist should be able to help you out. I have anxiety, depression, ptsd and adhd and sometimes it’s hard to know which symptoms are from what disorder. Trauma in general and depression can cause a lot of similar symptoms to adhd

  • LydiaRay


    Definitely go for testing. I was in the same boat and never had a clue I also had ADHD till I saw a phycologist.

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