I haven’t self harmed in over a month now but lately it’s been very difficult to not do it again, for me it gets out the anger I have (at myself 99% if the time) quickly. So it’s a very tempting solution to cope with any mistakes I make, and it’s getting harder to resist

Chest pain

Irritability and Anger

Self-inflicted injury

Suicidal ideation

Mood swings

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  • Marisapaige1


    I completely understand u😥

  • just_here


    Hey, have you tried out the app "I am Sober"? It's really good. You can pick selfharm as one of the addictions. I've been clean of sh for almost 8 months. It was hard everyday in the beginning, but it's getting a bit easier. The app helps.

    • Spence44


      yeah I’ve got it ! It’s really nice to have a place to talk about it, and know you aren’t alone, it has definitely helped me

  • Dad.of.Many


    I know how you feel. I used to self harm to make a place on me hurt bad enough that it overcame the pain inside. I have very painful depression and I too want to SH at times still, but then I remember what I put my family through when I was institutionalized the last time. I can't do that to them again.

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