Does anyone here have vEDS? I’ve found so many support resources for EDS, but usually only meet people with hEDS. I know hEDS is absolutely a debilitating disease for many, but meeting someone with vEDS that faces the shortened life expectancy and complications I do would be amazing! Either way, I’d love to connect with anyone that has EDS, POTS and/or endo.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • UselessBagOfMeat


    hEDS here, possibly undiagnosed POTS, but also definitely endo! But I got a hysterectomy last year and my endo symptoms have gone waaaaaaay down so I may be useless to you 😬

    • Kelsi


      oh, I’ve also had a total hysterectomy. I’m mostly hoping to connect with someone that has vEDS, but EDS in general and POTS definitely works too! The endo is more of an afterthought now!

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