My boyfriend and favorite person of 4 years just dumped me for the military. At least, that’s what he blamed it on despite me being very eager to start that journey and work through it. We were together my entire teenage life, age 13-17. He then blocked me and won’t even talk to me to discuss meeting and exchanging belongings. I’m just so lost. Our relationship really was never healthy, but we were together so long that I don’t know where to begin with trying to date again or meet new people. I just want to move on.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • cosmocola


    That is so difficult. Let yourself feel the feelings and give yourself time to heal. But while you do that, learn to respect yourself enough to set your boundaries and figure out what YOUR needs and standards are on your own, before dating again. At least that's what I'm trying to do, and what the other 12-steppers are helping me with

  • cjness


    Losing a favorite person feels like the worst thing but it's usually for the best.

  • Glockensphele


    I used to be surrounded by what I saw as a lot of close friends who I can always lean on. Over years of health issues it has really exhausted them and my only fp left is my ex. We keep being on and off again and I genuinely believe we love each other… but that doesn’t fix how toxic our dynamic is. Me choosing to stay in a relationship with him is causing me to have a very low quality of life right now. But I can’t cut it off because he’s the only person left 😕

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