How do I combat anxiety and fear surrounding starting a new medication? I have CPTSD stemming from medical trauma so this has been difficult when my doctors want me to try new meds for various issues. I have a menagerie of medications I need to try that I have been procrastinating starting. Obviously I can’t start them all at once so this and get it over with I have wait a few weeks monitor for side effects and improvements then start the process again which isn’t good for keeping my triggers calm. Advice?

Complex post traumatic stress disorder

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  • StripedTurtle


    Hi there, I have CPTSD too from childhood trauma and medical trauma, can you tell me more about your medical trauma? It will help answer your question.

    • sicksucculent


      I don’t feel comfortable going into significant detail. I have years worth of traumatic experiences. There is so many layers and nuance to it, but If this helps I have had many times where doctors have given me the wrong medications or I’ve had horrendous side effects to medications.

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