Hi! Can anyone share their experience with ADHD meds? I have tried just about all of them and Vyvanse is the only one that didn't give me bad side effects or feel like a placebo pill. I've been on it for almost 2 months straight and it feels like it has significantly decreased in effectiveness, but I'm not sure if my expectations are just too high. I tried a higher dose and it was too much, so increasing my dose isn't the answer right now. I also know that I should eat more/better, drink more water, exercise, and sleep more to help its effectiveness but I feel like I literally just cannot. Thanks for listening!


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  • xylodomicile


    Something that helps me is taking breaks! On days where I dont need as much focus (weekends, days where I dont have a lot of chores, etc) I just dont take them!

  • Cattie


    I was gonna say the same as xylodomicile!

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