Have any of you had a knee osteotomy (open bone surgery) with screws that, after healing, stick out and are sensitive? Have you had screws removed from past surgeries? Did the removal of the screws get rid of the pain?

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  • Soskae


    Yes!! I am 4 and 3 years out of my femoral osteotomies to fix my genu valgum. I can feel my screws when anything shifts, particularly with extreme weather changes and they hurt a bunch. (I’ve checked it’s my screws shifting with x-rays because I thought I was crazy for being able to feel them.) my pain is usually less severe than it was before the surgery which I count as a win however the screws location does cause significant pain sometimes. My surgeon advised me against getting mine out because of my weight, age, job and extended healing time. I also don’t mind dealing with it because I already hurt because of arthritis and the loss of sensation I got from my incisions healing really bothers me. If you do get them out I’d be curious to see if it ends up improving things for you but personally I think I’m better off keeping mine in.

    • NickGobes75


      ohhhh. Do you have rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis? I see ortho on the 24th to talk to them about it but I get the same way with weather! My pain actually radiates up to my knees and down to my ankles. It’s like the screws are messing with the nerves or something. I’m on cancer pain levels of pain medicine because the pain is so bad. It’s constant and horrific. I have multiple pain generators (knee dislocations, the surgery itself, autoimmune disease arthritis, and the screws) however I think the screws are what are making me hurt the most.

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