hello!! i’m a college student dealing with some change and am on Zoloft to help with some of the intrusive thoughts!! what are some side effects y’all have?



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  • glassofaygo


    Only side effect i've experienced is excessive tiredness. However it has helped with my OCD a lot! been taking it almost 3 years now

  • Clara12


    I have night sweats. Like, waking up drenched. I'm also very tired, but I'm a new mom so I don't know if that's the Zoloft.

  • ferris_kay


    Hii, fellow college student on zoloft here! I recently moved out of my hometown and live on my own for the first time as of last year, so that was a huge change for me! Although I take zoloft for a panic disorder. It's helped me tremendously in any new environments and conditions. The only side effects I've experienced over the past 6 years taking it: fatigue, and sometimes trouble expressing emotions.

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