been really sick with some type of viral infection for about 4 days now , had to miss 3 days of work. I'm so stressed out and anxiety is high not only from being sick but having to miss both my Jobs I work in retail and a house keeper. I have no money at all I have bills to pay , essentials i need to get ! my car needs to be fixed. I'm feeling a little better today except now I have this terrible barking cough that sets my chest and throat on fire ! and some chronic nasal congestion 😔 uhh I hate being sick sends my anxiety and stress levels through the roof !!!!! any tips ?! I have a huge jar of Vicks I put it on my feet chest throat and under my nose at night. I've been doing steam showers taking my meds on top of all mg other meds ! I have very little appetite. worst timing to get sick !!! started a new job started for a new client 😔😔 won't be able to see my therapist until the 28th now because my schedule is so full !!! everything just seems all over the place it's driving me crazy !!!!! sorry for the long post guys I just needed to rant !

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