Does anyone just sit back and just think about why you are on this earth? I question my own existence every single day. I mean I am like, "Why am I even here?" But then I look at my friends and family and they give me a reason to stay here.


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Jan_Marie



  • Love._.kookie


    Yes often

  • Xiccor


    I use to until I found what I believe to be my purpose which is to help others stay alive

  • Wiulfgar


    That is a wonderful reason to cherish life and valid reasons for existing. You just have to understand that your reason for life, and your chief reason for existing needs to be you. While all else may go, you will forever be your own constant. I feel very similar to you. My feel my reason for existing is to help others. Friends, family, strangers. I am struggling to learn that you must be there for yourself before you can fully be there for others

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