so...I first made this friend making server that originally started for autistic peeps like myself who had a hard time making friends right?

ofc now it's anyone who has a hard time, they dint need to be autistic but..

I'm wondering...

I wanted to make an Autism server. but because this one originally started for autistic peeps idk if I should?

it's complicated. any one have any advice on that?

(also if you want to join friend making server plz

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  • KittyRosa


    Well what I would do in your situation. Is make a new one and keep to the autism requirement. If you closed or booted people out of the pre ions one, that feels unfair to people who struggle making friends because there cna be millions of reasons. But I find comfort tlaking with other nerdivergents and tend to get along with them better and feel more understood. Let the old evolve as it has to a server for people who struggle to make friend for whatever reason and then create a new one for neroudivergent brains to mingle and chat. And if you actually do that. I pwukd very much be interested in joining

  • Junpier_Rising


    I would love to join said server! To have people who share something like this but are still very different would be nice :)

  • minime273


    If you do make a server for autistic people, I'd love to join tbh

  • Chrysoprase


    i would be interested in joining a server like that 😯

  • SomeKindaKid


    I’d join an autistic server. I’m not super talkative but I like to sit back and learn about other peoples hyperfixations.

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