I don't like extra noise. I mean, I don't like more than one person talking at a time, I don't like the music so loud I have to keep saying hunh, crying, yelling, the list goes on.


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  • Dweeby


    I get that 100%. It's too much for my brain to handle so I freak out

  • BabyBear1996


    I relate to this so much!! 🙌

  • Y0g1


    Sensory overload! It’s good that you can recognize that multiple noises upsets you. You can now go and ask for help/explain to those you trust this broad idea. Find a solution, whether that’s going into a quiet room, asking someone to turn down the tv volume, or asking for help to get you somewhere quieter. Also sound proof headphones can help-

  • YanyLaurel


    I relate! Sensory overload is a significant part of my life too, especially when I'm dehydrated and therefore particularly irritable

  • Alliekatt


    I mostly have difficulty because I easily get migraines and if I'm in a huge loud crowd I'm likely to have an anxiety attack, but definitely can relate. If my boyfriend is playing music too loud or something it makes my brain explode.

  • Beeing


    I am literally trying to decompress right this minute after dropping my 2 sons off to school and this is the first post I see. Talk about Devine timing. 😥❤️🙏

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