Back in 2018 (21 yrs old), I had an ovarian cyst rupture. It was so SO incredibly painful. (This coming from someone who played rough as a kid. Always coming home with scraped up, bruised knees. Had a tree fall on me once, walked it off. Hairline fracture to my kneecap, walked it off. etc) When I went to the ER, I wasn't sure what was wrong. Turns out it was a cyst on my right ovary rupturing. There was some blood in my pee but my period had recently finished so the dr's were like, "yeah it's no biggie. There can be internal bleeding sometimes if it were serious, but you're probably fine." I was straight-faced too, so I don't think they believed me when I told them how much it hurt. Cue the most horrible time of my life for the next few months. It hurt to eat (like food going into my stomach pressed on the area where it ruptured). My personal life was pure stress even without this health issue. Month of May rolled around and I was still in significant pain and then I finally cried, sobbing LONG & HARD. I felt like I split something inside. Afterwards, it felt like I had a rod/twig inside starting at my ovary going straight up my side below my lung. I went to a gynecologist and he was kinda young? (sidenote: I was a virgin at the time but no one believed me. This dr shoved his fist in and GOT STUCK. Then blamed me for it.) After he felt around he was like "I dunno what's wrong 🤷‍♀️ just take some birth control". I did take that for about a year but I felt so outta whack I stopped taking it. (My appetite got messed up and I couldn't sleep anymore) The area of rupture felt sore there for years. It still feels kinda weird and I get flare ups occasionally.

Ovarian Cyst

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