I have ASD and ADD I am struggling to find medications that work for me. I have done GeneSight, and we are trying to find meds that fit that while also navigating insurance red tape. I am also struggling to find a way to ask my landlord for reasonable accommodation so I can get a dog as my ESA to train as my PSD. My building has a no pet policy and my state does not have protection for anyone without a physical disability. I am not sure what to do. I just sent off my first offical request letter about 3 weeks ago with my ESA and PSD letters from my care team and I haven't heard anything back. I am not sure what to do next or even what kind of lawyer to reach out to, if the need becomes apparent. If anyone has gone through this I would love to hear how you navigated any of it, and how it went, or even any advice you may have for me. Thank you in advance!


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  • NotYourAverageJoe


    I take Remeron (mirazapine) for my ADHD Autisic Self!! Its saved my life!!

    • WitchyMary


      Thank you! I will talk to my Dr about it.

  • Spookato


    Ive taken a multitude of medications to try and navigate ASD on top of GAD, ADHD and MDD. I am currently on a combo of focalin, hydroxyzine, trileptal, and venlafaxine. While I can’t necessarily speak on how those particular medications would work for you, I can try and encourage you to not try Wellbutrin. After I left in-patient treatment in 2020, I was put on Wellbutrin before I was able to take the GeneSight test. What I learned about it is that even when it does work like it is supposed to, it can cause irritability, which as someone with ASD, that is so difficult to deal with when navigating frustrating situations. I hope you find the medicine and help that best helps you!

  • AnimalBoy


    Adderall helped me the most but I also needed lifestyle changes that weren't happening under my mothers roof so it didn't 100% help and they switched me to adderall before I was 22 and it fried my brain so I don't get any effects from ADHD medication, especially adderall which might as well be candy now, and made my symptoms much worse. I tried wellbutrin a few years after that and it had no effects on me at all, so it didnt help or hurt, but I've heard that a lot of pther people have bad negative side effects. Interestingly enough medical marijuana has helped a number of my ADHD and autism symptoms, even though that was not my original intention for using it.

    • AnimalBoy


      *they switched me to ritalin before 22 Sorry I missed that typo

  • Swerve


    I just don't use pharmaceuticals or go to doctors. I suffer a lot, but I find my functions are better when im not influenced by drugs. I do self medicate with cannabis, but it's mostly to just check out and get some relief from all that suffering I put myself thru to function.

  • LexiTheLilypad


    I recommend Conserta.

  • CathyPumpkin


    Vyvanse has been fabulous for me but it is so expensive.

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