What helps you through this condition?

Dysthymia (PDD)

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  • MultiMato


    For me, finding beauty is key. Music, drawing, crocheting, caring for animals and plants, taking a walk in nature or watching my favourite shows. These things don’t always fix the feelings, but they make life a little more tolerable, and offer a spark of happiness in the generally dark times.

  • Emmabe


    What helps me the most is exercising. I feel it helps me let go of the thoughts that are bothering me. Personally, I go for a run every morning which helps me start the morning with positive energies and release the thoughts that overwhelm me mostly at night.

  • OuchiePrincess


    Honoring and taking time to document my happiness. It’s hard enough to remember being happy on my own. So I take extra pains to journal about it, photograph it, and take video of times and places where I feel happy. I remind myself that my feelings aren’t always truth. But I honor my feelings anyway, and try let myself have them.

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