What are your random (or not so random) everyday triggers and how do you deal with them? Sometimes fluorescent lighting can be bad for me (idk why) and have no idea how to deal with that without avoiding them. My therapist has me on a 2 week leave of absence from work due to dissociation and panic attacks and I have been avoiding leaving my house because I know going to stores is bad bc of the lighting and everything going on in them. Anyone have any advice or something to share? :)


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  • Kaylyn69


    One of my triggers is when there is to much silence where I’m at

  • Oliloos


    Showers. Nearly every one.

  • JHoneybee


    One of my triggers is flickering lights, sometimes it makes driving really difficult, especially is it’s sunny outside.

    • leelee72


      GOD I RELATE TO THE SUNNY ONE, it’s just something about it and the lighting that makes me dissociate so bad. 😭

  • PeterZ


    Re: your triggers, maybe sunglasses will help? One of my main triggers is looking in mirrors for too long. on some days I can’t look at them at all but other days I can for a while

  • lilyyyyy


    try sunglasses too makes things less bright and overwhelming i constantly get it in stores that are bright like i can only go to one without freaking out, weird to see someone relates

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